Petr Hyldebrant - Fragment
Petr Hyldebrant - EPICONHUM

A masterfull Erich von Däniken’s brain snapshot.Could it be one of these ancient
extraterrestrial astronauts that were welcomed on earth as Gods?You bet.That is the subject
of this marvelous and intriguing Petr Hyldebrant’s impressionistic portrait.“Fragment” and it’s
diptych format are both brilliant reminders that early human culture was built as a patchwork
quilt, influenced by multiple alien visitors from the distant past.

Price estimation : Between U$5,000 and U$7,000 (3 to 4 dollars / square inch)

Mauricio Gonzalez
Founder & CEO, USA, Miami

Fragments is a painting inspired by the swisher autor Erich von Däniken. As the artist said <<the name Fragment derives from the parts of various creatures, energies, forces that are supposed to create the final being>>. What is important to consider about the art of Petr Hyldebrant is not just the perfect resolution of his composition in terms of technique used and use of the colour, but the will of the artist to create another imaginary in which completely immerses the observer. The art’s fruition of the artist is all-encompassing. Watching his painting is like entering into another reality and giving that credibility. In fact the artist used adding to the vision a specific music and text. As if he wants to persuade the viewer completely and tell him that that is happening inside the vision is the reality. This is the important mission of the art. Having one piece of art by the artist Petr Hyldebrant is like having the opportunity all the time to enter another world, an oniric place, that can be the pretext to investigate in new meaning and new ways to intend the reality around us.

C O E F F I C I E N T  O F  T H E A R T I S T : 3

P R I C E : 6 7 5 0  E U R O

Elisabetta Art Curator Review – Milan, Italy

akryl na dvou dtd deskách
celkem 100×125 cm

rok 9/2014