Petr Hyldebrant - Locust
Petr Hyldebrant - Locust

The composition is really particular and fascinating
because for the viewer it is like having the opportunity to enter in the imagination of the artist
and enjoy the vision of his thoughts belonging to the reality around him. The language used
is near to surrealism intentions, and communicates with the will to represent another reality
where the worlds and the thoughts take shapes in images. In fact we can see a person that
stands out with a knife on one end and a piece of flesh dripping with blood on the other hand.
This strong vision involved complitly the attention of the viewer that followed all the
elements of the composition like the locust to understand the deepest meaning of the vision.
For this reason. As the artist says about his work: <<These hand-marks signify 5 main
species extinctions in the history of the planet. The red one represents the time, where we
are right now. Maybe the sixth extinction. The whole is also a metaphor for coronavirus and
Art Curator Elisabetta Eliotropio

akryl na dtd desce
230×176 cm

rok 4/2021